21 Tips For Camping With a Dog

Considered as man's best friend, dogs aren't just pets, but they are a part of the family which means that vacations, especially camping, wouldn't be complete without them ( they are so cute).

Dog in a camping tent

How will you make sure that you and your four-legged best friend will enjoy? Here are some tips that will definitely give you and your dog the best camping experience. So, let's get started with 21 tips for camping with a dog.

1. Find the Right Campsite

First and foremost, you must find a pet-friendly campsite as there are some campsites which do not allow bringing of pets. This shouldn't be an issue as most campsites allow campers to bring their pets with them. In case you can't find one, then backcountry camping is a great alternative.

2. Go for a Pre-trip Vet Visit

After looking for a pet-friendly campsite, the next thing that you have to do is to get your pet ready for the trip. This is to ensure that your pet is in good condition to travel. It is also important that you have your dog checked before traveling to make sure that your dog's medication is complete and up to date to lessen the health threats while camping.

3. Arrange the Documents of Your Dog

Once the veterinarian announces that your dog is healthy and is allowed to travel, then you should start arranging his documents. In arranging the documents, see to it that the license and ID tag of your dog is valid. It is also important that you bring any document which proves that your dog was just vaccines.

4. Ready Your Pet First Aid Kit

If you pack a first aid kit for you, then you should pack one for your dog too. There is pre-packed pet first aid kit available at pet stores so you can simply buy one. You can also arrange one yourself.

A pet first aid kit is somewhat similar to a human's first aid kit. Bringing a pet first aid kit book is helpful too as you don't know what might happen along the way. Better be ready than be sorry, right?

5. Pack Portable Water and Food Bowls

When camping, the first that you have to think is on how you are going to make your trip convenient. Bring the necessary things only which you can easily carry to avoid any hassle especially when your trip requires some hike. 

Collapsible bowls, in this case, is a great idea as these bowls are a space saver and lessen the weight you are carrying.

6. Bring Poop Bags

In everything that you do, you should observe cleanliness. As they say "Clean as you go". Poop bags are very important during camping to avoid any unwanted animal visitor and of course, to show respect to the campsite and to the people who will camp next.

7.  Sleeping Arrangement

Before finally deciding whether you will bring your dog or not, you must think first if there is any space in the campsite where he can sleep in peace. You can either let yourself roam inside the tent or tie him.

Ensuring that the sleeping arrangements are as done before going to camp ensures that everyone will have a good sleep. This also ensures that everyone is safe while camping.

8. Bring Plenty of Dog Food and Water

Your dog will surely need more water and food during your trip especially when you will hike. He will surely be thirsty and hungry every now and then due to the increase of activities. For example, you normally feed your dog once a day only, when you are camping, feed him twice or thrice.

If your campsite is located near a freshwater body, see to it that the water is safe to drink. The last thing that you surely want is a ruined camping because of your dog. That will ruin your bonding with your family and your pet.

9. Gear Up Your Dog

Just like you, your dog needs to gear up too for his safety. Gearing up your dog doesn't mean that you will do it like he's a human. Don't overdo it, or else this will be the cause of your problem during the trip. 

Gear up your dog with light materials only. Make sure that the can easily carry it. Lastly, gearing up your dog doesn't mean that you will invest a lot of money to buy the gears he needs.

10. Practice Camping Etiquette

It is very important that you show respect with everyone in the campsite. This is true to your dog too. Make sure that you have a leash with you in case you have to use it to keep your dog near you. Make sure that the poop of your dog is properly disposed of too.

To fully enjoy the moment, make sure that your dog is within your reach and sight at all times. You should not also leave tour dog alone.

11. Try Camping in Your Backyard First

It is a good idea to try camping with your dog in your backyard first before you go for the real thing. This will help you find our how he will behave during the camp so that you could think ahead what you have to do.

If you plan to sleep with your dog inside your tent, then try sleeping with him inside the tent. Sleeping from their unusual spot will somewhat shake up your dog, so you have to familiarize him to sleep in a tent first.

12. Do a Tick Inspection

The risk of your dog in having ticks while you are outside is higher. Ideally, inspect your dog every day for any sign of ticks. Ticks are no good to your dog and can cause a long-term threat to your dog.

13. Travel at Your Pet's Pace

Generally, animals get tired easier than humans. Keeping this in mind, you should travel at a pace that your dog can keep up. You should also check your dog every now and then if he is okay or not. 

When the travel period is long,  it is ideal that you step every hour. Make sure that he is comfortable while traveling to keep him away from stress which might cause him to misbehave during the camp.

14. Don't Leave Foods Unattended

Leaving your foods unattended will attract wild animals which might be a threat for everyone on the site. Make sure that you remove any leftover of your dog in as much as you seal up all the foods that you have to prevent it from smelling which actually is the reason why wild animals are attracted.

15. Choose the Right Tent

Most dogs usually need a lot of space which makes it necessary that you choose a tent which has enough space for you and your dog. This is to ensure that both of you is comfortable during the trip.

16. Keep Organized

Camping with a dog or not, you should be organized at all times. Keeping things organized makes your life easier and convenient especially when you are looking for something. Aside from this, it will also keep you at ease knowing that you can easily find our something in case something happens.

17. Check the Weather

It is a good thing if you find out the weather before you camp out so that you can prepare beforehand. For example, the weather might be too cold for you and your dog which makes it necessary that you bring an extra jacket or blanket to keep both of you warm.

18. Bring Something Soft Where Your Dog Can Lay

Camping is a measure of how strong you are when it comes to outdoor activities. The temperature outside is usually colder especially at night that is why you have to exert an effort in keeping your dog comfortable.

How? Bring something where he can lay and at the same time, can keep him warm. If possible, bring something waterproof so that your dog can enjoy laying even when the ground is dewy.

19. Bring Toys for Your Dog

Your dog will get bored if you will just stare with each other in the site. Bring something that will entertain him to keep him from running away. Play with him if you can to make the moment even better.

20. Keep safe

Of course, safety first should always be your mantra. In this case, you should prioritize your safety and your dog's safety. While taking risks sounds exciting, it isn't a good idea at all time. Surely, you don't want you or your dog to get hurt.

21. Have Fun

The perfect way to ensure they your trip is everything you've been dreaming of is to have fun. Enjoy every moment. Worry about nothing. Keep things light. After all, you planned to camp out to have fun.

Camping with your family and friends is great. Tagging along your dog is greater. Most probably, your dog loves camping as much as you do.

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