21 tips for Camping with Kids

Finding a great way to spend your vacation and spend quality time with your kids? 

Planning on what is the most fun and enjoyable thing to do? 

Kids roasting marshmallows in a camping

And how you can create the best memories? As a parent, we work hard a lot for our family and we always need to make sure to do everything to have a closer and stronger bond with them. 

Camping provides the easiest way to enjoy with nature with your loved ones an adventure that will give you and your kid a fun and learning experience.

It is a fun way to enjoy, love, and be close to nature. And since you are going away from home you always have to be prepared. There are a lot of things that we need to know about camping with kids and this tips will help you be prepared for the next best adventure.

1. Plan your meal and bring a lot of food

Always make sure to bring food that is easy to open, ready to eat, and that is not hard to prepare. Always keep it simple and delicious. 

Bringing re-sealable packs and easy to open cans may really come handy. 

Foods that are easy to cook and easy to eat. Going outdoors will be hard since you don’t have all the needed utensils and resources like a gas stove, frying pans and more, so we need to make sure we don’t bring ingredients or prepare meals that will lead us in doing a lot. 

We need to plan ahead for simple and delicious meals that can help us save time and effort and a food that is easy to access especially having a hungry tummy after a long walk.

2. Try Camping in your yard  

Doing a camping trip at home helps you a whole lot. 

It helps you prepare on what are the things that you need to do and bring on a real camping trip. It helps you and your kids in being prepared and ready. Having a test run is always advisable and will help you learn more before facing the real thing.

3. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is the most important thing that you need to bring in case of emergency. Nature and its elements can cause accidents or danger so you always need to be prepared especially that hospitals might be miles away. 

Always make sure to bring antibiotics, creams, gauze, and other materials that will help you treat bites and wounds.

4. Watch Camping Hacks videos 

There are a lot of life hacks and camping hacks that can really benefit you. A lot of people will share tips and tricks to make camping more fun, easy, and hassle–free for you. Hacks that can even help you in traveling light and give more space to the most important things that you will need to bring.

5. Check the weather

It is important that we check the weather so that we can keep our family safe always and avoid calamity disasters like storms, typhoon, etc. we always need to make sure that we camp on a sunny day and not on a rainy or stormy night.

6. Research the place

Always do a research especially on where you will go for a camp always make sure that it is safe for you and your kids. Check what is surrounded by your camp so that you know where to go in case of any water or food shortage or any emergency and what camping areas would have a lot of recreational things for you to do.

7. Tent

Make sure to bring one of the important things when you camp everyone needs a shelter and make sure it is durable that can withstand climate and what nature has to offer. Make sure to set up tents before the sun comes down and teach your kids to close your tent whenever they go in and out to avoid insects coming in your tents. And we always need to keep or tents clean and dry.

8. Bring only your needs

Make sure to bring only what you need like soaps and sanitizer it is not only for hygiene but for safety purposes as well. We don’t want to eat food while our hands out dirty. Toiletries and repellants are also important. Extra batteries and blankets especially on a very cold night we don’t want to give our kids a chill.

9. Light up your camp  

Always bring light on a camping trip like flashlights, headlights and emergency light. You always need to light up your surroundings especially at night. Also, make sure to bring matches or anything you will use to create a campfire and always make sure to practice fire safety.

10. Bring a lot of Water 

Everyone needs water we always need to stay hydrated so we need to bring a lot that will get us all throughout the camping trip. Drinking from bodies of water might not be healthy for our kids.

11. Travel light

Only bring the most important thing you need on a camping trip don’t bring stuff that you will not use like excessive clothes or other things that are heavy and things that you cannot use. Also, bring clothes that are only suitable for camping.

12. Bring family or friends  

It is always fun to camp with your family and friends and can be safe and easy for you as well if you are bringing your kids. Not only that as they say the more the merrier.

13. Storages and Bags

Always make sure to bring clean storages or bags for your food and especially for your wet and dirty clothes or shoes going out on a camping trip might be messy.

14. Plan your activities and games

Kids would love to hear stories around a campfire with their marshmallows, fishing with dad, boating, and a whole lot more. Plan ahead of time on what would you would want to do to make your camping trip more fun and memorable. Plan for trails and adventures along the way.

15. Leave your electronics  

Going out on a camping trip is made to enjoy what nature has to offer we have to love and enjoy the scenarios that are surrounding us. Leave tablets and laptops at home only bring mobile phones in case of emergency. This is the time to bond and to talk to your kids more.

16. Camping etiquette

Before going on a camping trip make sure to talk to your kids about your trip make sure to avoid loud music and noises that can bother your surroundings or neighbors, tell them to avoid running around the woods and to go to other people houses or campsites. Teach them about nature and safety.

17. Give your kids their own backpacks and chores  

Going out on an adventure can be fun and can help your kids learn more about how to be more responsible. It helps them to grow and to learn more along the way and for them to go through obstacles on their own. Give them things they each need for the camp and can help up the load. Doing this is fun and will help them to be more independent.

18. Observe Cleanliness 

Make sure to always maintain clean and healthy surroundings avoid throwing your trash everywhere always bring home your plastic bottles, paper, and everything you come with leaving the place spotless of any kind of trash. We always need to protect and preserve our environment.

19. Be comfortable

Bring your foldable chairs, hammocks, or sleeping bag to make sure that you not only enjoy your surroundings but also be comfortable with it. Card and board games are also a great and comfortable way to spend time with your kids and always prepare for a very cold weather bring some blankets that can help you put up with the cold.

20. Check everything twice  

Check your list and your bags twice to make sure you brought everything that you need with you it always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you bring all the things that you need the most.


Always make sure the reason why you came on a camping trip and that is to have fun and to enjoy with your family. Leave the stress and problems at home. Spend time with your kids and create memories with them that Is what they will bring with them until they grow old. Camping has been a tradition it is easy and practical. You get to be more and enjoy with nature.

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