Appliances Which Are Essential In RV Campers

Camping is a very enjoyable adventure. And fun if you have all you need in your recreational vehicle camper. When going camping, you need to equip your camper with essential appliances. With this done, you can start your adventure in your RV camper.

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A recreational vehicle camper serves as your home away from home. Being a temporary home, it has to be equipped with the necessary amenities of a real home. But you should provide it with just the important ones.

How would you know what kinds of appliances must you have in your camper? There are several things to be taken into consideration when doing this.

Where Do You Plan To Go For The Trip

To be able to determine what kind of appliances you should have in your camper, decide on a destination. Once you have decided on a place for your trip, choose on the appliances. Is the place you are going to hot? Or is it cold?

How Many People Will Be Travelling With You

It is important to know how many people will be on the trip with you.  Food and supplies may not be the only reason for this. Knowing the number of campers will also be for the type of appliances you need to bring to benefit everybody.

For example, the climate on your destination is hot. You will definitely need a fan (assuming your RVs air conditioning system is not enough). You brought a small fan, and there are at least five of you. Will the small fan be enough? Of course not! That is why you need to know how many people will be on the trip.

How Long Will The Trip Be

Planning on the length of the trip will also guide you in choosing essential appliances for your camper. The reason for this is so you will know how much gas you should take. Gas or fuel is needed to make your RV camper’s appliances work.

Where You Will Be Camping Out

It is also important to know if you will be camping out in a campsite, an RV park, or in the wilds. This is so you will know if there will be electricity or not. You can then decide which appliances to bring for your trip.



After taking into consideration the factors for choosing essential appliances, decide on what to bring. for your trip.

Appliances You Feel You, Will, Need Most

Decide on the appliances which you will be needing most. Stoves, a small refrigerator maybe, and others which will be essential for your daily camp activities.

Dishwashers, for example, may not be a good choice. You can wash dishes using your camper’s sink. There are campsites which have areas for washing.

Always stick to the “NEED” and not on the “WANT” aspect in making decisions.

Brands And Types

There are certain brands and types which are recommended for recreational vehicles. Research on the right types and brands. Ask around for testimonies of other campers.

Know about their opinions and experiences about certain appliances.  The first-hand experience is a good guide. So ask about. You can also visit sites on the internet which cater to appliances for your camper.

Usually, recreational vehicles are equipped with essential appliances when you purchase them.  You only need to concern yourself with other stuff which you might need for the trip.



Some appliances can come in handy when you go camping in your recreational vehicle. They can be of much use for a lot of things. These appliances can be helpful in a lot of things like preparing nourishment and a lot more.

Food Processor And/Or A  Hand Blender

A hand blender is a compact and portable tool. They are portable and multi-functional. Hand blenders do not need electricity or gas to function. They have a powerful motor which makes it work and do its function even without electricity or gas.

With the hand blender, you can make sauces, crush ice, process food, and a lot more. There are hand blenders which can also be used for chopping. The blender does not take up much place and they are affordable.

Slow Cookers

The slow cooker can help you prepare meals effortlessly. Just put all the ingredients of the food you want to prepare in a slow cooker then go. You can do whatever activities you have planned for the day. While doing this, your slow cooker cooks the food for you.

When you come back to camp after a long day, a cooked meal is waiting for you. Thanks to the slow cooker.

The Electric Kettle

This is really a very handy appliance to have. And it plays an important role in your camping adventure. You use this for heating water.

Hot water is important when you are out camping, or even if you are just at home. You need hot water to make coffee, milk, or tea. Imagine a morning without something hot to drink when you wake up. This may happen if you did not bring an electric kettle to camp with you.

An Instant Pot

An instant pot is one appliance you must have in your camper with you. This is a handy thing to have as it does not use up much space. An instant pot can cook food, steam, and do all other things for you.



Aside from appliances, there are other things which you need to have in your camper. These things come in handy in case a situation comes up and you need them.

Storage Containers

These storage containers must be transparent. This is where you can keep your food is the fridge is full enough. But make sure to keep food which does not need to be refrigerated here.

Make sure that your transparent storage containers are sturdy and have well-sealed lids. Remember you will be keeping food in it, so it must be properly sealed.

Covering For Your Stove Top

Your camper may not have that much counter space for food preparation or for setting down food and other stuff. Using a stovetop covering will come handy. You can convert your stove into a counter when not in use with these stovetop coverings.

Drying Racks Which Can Be Rolled Up

Since the space in your camper is very limited, a rolled up drying rack may come handy. You can cook food and dry whatever is needed to be dried with this. You can just set it up over your sink and it will be ready for use.

Sewer Hose Kit

You will never know when your camper’s holding tanks will be full. It is best to be prepared for situations when you need to dump and clean the contents of your holding tanks. Having a sewer hose kit available and ready for use is a good thing.

It will prevent your vacation from being ruined by foul smell which may come from your full holding tanks.

Induction Cook Tops

These are very handy since they are portable. They can warm food faster using minimal heat. Induction cooktops are also safe to use. There is no need for you to use a flame to make it work.

Since induction cooktops are portable, you can bring it outside the camper and use it there if the need arises. One thing you should take into consideration when using induction cooktops are the pots. Make sure the pots you use are compatible with the induction cooktops. If the pots stick on the cook top’s magnets, that is fine.

Water Filters

You can never be too sure is the water in the campsite is safe for consumption. Water filters are the solution to this problem. Yes, you can bring clean drinking water with you. But consider the possibility of using up all the clean water and you still have several days left to spend camping.

Water filters will save your day (or days). Rust, dust and other sediments may contaminate your water system That is why a water filter is a must have when camping.

A Fire Extinguisher

As a safety precaution, your RV camper must be equipped with a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher with a larger capacity is recommended. Those with a smaller capacity may not be effective during emergencies.

A Monitor For Tire Pressure

You will be traveling on the road. This may take several days and long roads to travel on. Always think of your safety and those of your fellow campers.

A lot of accidents happen on the road. A tire pressure monitor can show you if your tires have enough pressure or not. If not, you will be able to address the problem right away. Monitoring your tires can ensure your safety on the road.

It is always best to be prepared for any situation when you go camping. So make sure you have all the important and essential things which you might need with you. You may not find everything you need in the campsite or an RV park. So it is best to go camping equipped with all the bare necessities.

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