Camping for Over 60s (Tips for Senior Campers)

As we age, there are a lot of things which we cannot do anymore. When we were young, we used to enjoy certain activities which require strength and stamina.

Activities which require much energy, stamina and a lot more may be just a dream for most of us.

Senior Couple Enjoying Camping Holiday In Countryside

But of course, that is given. Yet, there are still other fun things which older people can do, and enjoy at that. Having fun does not mean you need to exert much effort.

There are fun activities that older people can enjoy without having to lift heavy things or tire themselves out by running or taking long walks, or even stay under the heat of the sun for long hours and drain themselves.

In this article, I will talk about camping for over 60's, a pleasant activity that does not require a great effort.

There are considerations to be observed when taking older people camping.


The most important thing to take into consideration is the comfort of people over 60 who are with you when you go camping.

Sleeping Arrangements

Older people need special sleeping arrangements. They need special mattresses and pillows. But it is no big deal. If they have existing pillows and mattresses, you can just bring that along and let them use their own pillows and mattresses.

Usually, the best mattress for them is an air mattress. Aside from it being comfortable for them to sleep on, it can be stored and packed easily as you only have to deflate it when not in use and inflate it when needed.


People over 60 usually follow a special diet. The food they eat may be different from those which younger people eat. So you need to prepare a separate menu for them. But it can generally be simple. They usually go for low salt, low fat, and low sugar. Most of them would probably just prefer vegetables and fruits.


Plan activities which do not require that much energy and strength so they can join you. Of course, you can still have some activities planned just for younger people. Involving them in your activities at camp will not make them feel left out and insecure.


One factor which may create a problem for older people who want to go camping are the bulky and heavy camping gears. Most people who are over 60 years old may find it difficult to carry these things.

Well, there is a solution to this. Bring your car along. Choose a camping site where you no longer have to take long walks to reach. One where you can bring your car and park it nearby. This way, the older folks will not have to carry bulky and heavy camping gears and it will be easier for all of you.

If your car may be parked nearer the campsite, there will be no need for you to go back and forth to bring your camping things and provisions to camp. You just need to unload it since it is nearer the campsite. Convenient for you too, right?

Besides, there are some campsites which have certain food storage policies. If this is the case, it will be convenient for you to have your car parked nearby so you can just store your food and other provisions in it.


Another option for people over 60 who love to go camping is to try out campgrounds which are for adults only. Yes, there are such places. You can find them on the internet.

These campgrounds cater to people who are 18 years old and up. They have special amenities for people over 60 years old and those which have special needs. This place gives you the opportunity to enjoy camping, the older people way. You can meet and socialize with people your age, and you might even find one whose interests are the same as yours.

There are recreational vehicle hook-ups in these campgrounds, aside from the traditional tent camping sites. Some of these adult only campgrounds have amenities like lounges, game rooms, golf courses, and many more. The ideal setting for senior citizens to have fun and enjoy life after years and years of hard work and sacrifices.


Camping is a fine way to get out and enjoy nature. It is a way for some people to relax and get away from the hassle and bustle of modern day living in the city.

But people have this wrong idea that camping is only good for younger people. If you are an avid camping fan when you were young, there is no reason for you to give up camping when you grow old. You can still do it, but of course, with a few “adjustments”.

When you go tent camping and decide to buy a new tent, make sure you follow the tent requirements of the campsite you are planning to go to. There are campsites which have certain specifications for tents.

Tent Material

So let us talk about camping tents for older people. First, make sure you get the right tent. Since you are no longer that strong to be able to handle heavy tent material (like canvas), then choose a tent which is made of nylon. Then make sure it is easy to set up. Meaning, you can set it up faster and easier with the help of easy to follow instructions on the tent’s packaging.

High Ceiling

Choose a tent with a high ceiling. This will allow you to be able to stand up and stretch and not hunch your back when moving. Remember that older people need to have enough room to stretch and make themselves comfortable.

Not being able to move around properly may inconvenience older people. It may result in different body aches and pains. Some older people may also experience claustrophobia if they have limited mobility.

A tent with a high ceiling will also make your “special mattress” fit well since your mattress will be elevated at least 6 inches from the ground.

Tent Size

Tent size is also important. As mentioned above, some older people may be claustrophobic with limited or small spaces. This may cause minor complications. It is essential that the tent you choose will give you the space you need. One which can provide you with a reading area is fine, especially if you love to read. You can convert this space to serve other purposes if you are not that keen about reading.

You can also just sit back and relax under the extended shade of your tent, enjoying life outdoors.


A tent with big windows is fine. It will provide older people with good ventilation. This will make them more comfortable.

Older people, well at least most of them, have this problem of being claustrophobic when in a small enclosed area. Large windows will make them see the outside properly and give them a better view outside. These windows will provide them with good ventilation. making their stay inside the tent comfortable.


For older people who do not want to be bothered with the preparations and other stuff of tent camping, they usually prefer camping in a recreational vehicle.

A recreational vehicle can give them the experience of life outdoors and enjoy nature within the comfort of their home on wheels. This option does not make them go through the trouble of setting up and putting down a tent. Very convenient for senior citizens who do not have that much energy to go through the “ceremonies” of tent camping.

Advance Planning

Recreational vehicles need enough space to camp. So plan ahead and inquire about possible campsites where you can go, which can accommodate recreational vehicles.

Planning ahead can also make you more prepared when it comes to provisions to bring, clothing, and other essentials needed, depending on the place where you are planning to go.

Included when you do advanced planning is your preparedness to drive a recreational vehicle. How long will you be on the road? Where can you gas up? These are some of the questions you need to answer when planning ahead. It never hurts to be prepared for whatever possible situation, so planning ahead is best.

Planning ahead would also include considering renting a recreational vehicle (if you do not own one), electricity and water in the campsite, and a lot more.

Recreational Vehicle Rentals

If you really do want to go camping, despite being a senior citizen, and you are not capable of going through all the motions of tent camping. Then do RV camping. But what if you do not own a recreational vehicle? Well, worry not. You can rent one.

Not owning a recreational vehicle is one of the reasons why most senior citizens deprive themselves of their love for camping. Especially if they find it hard to go tent camping. Not owning a recreational vehicle will no longer be a problem. They can still go RV camping. All they need to do is find a company which offers recreational vehicle rentals.

Regardless of how you plan to go camping, either ten or recreational vehicle camping, never let your age be a hindrance top your love for it. There is always a way for us to enjoy what we love to do, despite of some factors which might make it seem impossible for us to do. 

Older people deserve to have fun and enjoy life. So why deprive them of it?

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