Cheap Ways To Heat Your Camper Trailer

Keeping your camper trailer warm during cold weather is important. To make your adventure fun, comfortable and enjoyable, you need to heat your camper trailer. But this may not be cheap.

There are inexpensive ways though, to heat up your camper trailer and keep it warm during your journey.

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You need to keep your camper trailer warm for a trip, especially during cold weather. But it costs too much. There are other options wherein you can keep your camper trailer warm, without spending too much.

Using Plant Pots For Heating Your Camper Trailer

Using plant pots is a simple and easy way to heat your camper trailer. And it costs less, too. How to do it?

You need two unglazed plant pots. These pots must differ in size. Choose pot sizes where you can fit one small plant pot into the bigger one. Make sure that there is a space in between the two plant pots.

Wash the plant pots before using them. Do not use painted or glazed plant pots. You will also need nut and bolt, and some washers.

Use a nut and bolt and some washer to seal the drain hole of the smaller pot. Soak the pots in water for about two minutes. Then put them in your gas cooker (smaller pot first, then the bigger one).

Tea lights may also be used. Turn on your gas very low and experience the magic of having your camper trailer heated with this simple method.

Using Shower Curtains

Another way to heat up your camper trailer is by using shower curtains. Fold the shower curtains enough to cover your camper trailer’s windows.

Put them over your window on the outside of the camper trailer. Make sure the shower curtains overlap the window frames.

Do this procedure also to your patio door if your camper trailer has one. Tape the edges of the shower curtain with heavy duty tape. If the inside of your camper has cracks, caulk it with wet weather caulk.

Insulating Your Camper Trailer With Hay Bales

Hay bales may also be used to insulate your camper trailer. This will help keep your camper trailer’s interior warm during cold weather.

The disadvantage of this is that mice love hay bales. And hay bales are hazardous since it can easily catch fire.

Another option is insulating the skirting of your camper trailer with different sizes and heights of plants (potted or not). These plants can serve as a windbreaker, reducing the wind before it reaches your camper trailer.




Insulation Panels Made Of Styrofoam

Styrofoam insulation panels can also keep your camper trailer warm. You may need to spend money using this method.  You will have to buy Styrofoam insulation panels.

Scatter these panels around your camper trailer. Put them inside closets, cabinets, under the sink, and under the tub.

Thermal Curtains And Blankets

Putting thermal curtains or blankets over your window can also help keep your camper trailer warm. Keep them open if the sun is still up. Close them when it becomes dark.

This will keep your camper trailer warm throughout the night.

Plastic Soda Bottles

Plastic soda bottles can also keep your camper trailer warm. How? You will need several 2-liter soda bottles. Paint them with black paint. Fill the soda bottles up with water. Put them outside under the heat of the sun. The heat will warm them up.

Bring them inside the camper trailer when it gets dark. The warmth of the heated soda bottles will spread inside the camper trailer. This is another way of heating your camper trailer inexpensively.

Take note though that larger containers take longer to heat up. This may have the opposite effect. Instead of heating, it may make your camper trailer colder.


You can also insulate your camper trailer by using wood sidings. Adding heavy or thick plastic and foam boards will make it work effectively. These materials prevent the cold winter wind from going inside your camper trailer.

Using this method can also conserve heat. Cover your air conditioning during winter.



When sleeping in a camper trailer, you have to see to it that your trailer is warm during cold weather. There are cases when the heat in your camper trailer is not enough to make you comfortable. This is what you should do.

A woolen blanket under your flat sheet will help. Then layer it with several tick microfiber blankets. The more blankets you use, the warmer you will feel.

You can also wear warm clothing, especially during night time. Keep your furnace burning, but turn it low at night. Electric blankets, heat pumps, and ceramic heaters are also recommended.

Generally, camper trailers are not made for cold weather. So if you really need to use your camper trailer during cold weather, remember to keep warm.

Find means and ways to keep warm. If you are low on budget, learn about the different ways to keep warm the cheaper way.



It is imperative that you make sure your camper trailer or recreational vehicle is properly heated. Especially during cold weather and at night.

The most convenient way to heat up your camper trailer is by using camping heaters. There are several kinds of camping heaters for you to choose from.


Built-in Camping Heaters

These are those which are built-in or installed in your camper trailer. It has a thermostat and a blowing fan, and mostly operate using either your vehicle’s fuel or propane gas.

Cabin heaters are also good for keeping your camper trailer warm. You can pump fuel from for vehicle or use a separate tank for it.

Electrical Camping Heaters

You need to be in a camping site to get the most out of electric camping heaters. This type of heater may either be hooked up using electricity or battery. Hooking it up is what makes it work to provide heat to your camper trailer.

Portable Camping Heaters

Portable camping heaters come in different sizes. They operate mostly on propane cartridges. This type of heater does not have a fan. So it Will not drain your fuel.

You will not find a thermostat in portable camping heaters. What they have tough are temperature settings. The portable camping heater is an effective solution to a cold camper heater interior.

Check for gas leakages, though. Although this is nothing to worry about, it helps to be careful.


The most common thing campers do is head south for the winter. Either that or put their camper trailers and recreational vehicles in storage for the season. But there are still those “crazy” campers who venture out during cold weather.

What should they do to prepare for their winter adventure? The most important thing is to prep up your camper trailer or recreational vehicle.

Cheap Heat Options

Educate yourself about cheap heat options for your camper trailer. There are several eating methods you can select from which are inexpensive. Before you decide on what heating option to use, calculate expenses.

Opting for an electric camping heater may cost more, especially if you have to pay for electricity in a camping site. You can also use pellet stoves or propane heaters.

Windows, Stairwells, And Doors Must Be Covered

A lot of cold air can seep into your camper trailer if you do not cover these openings properly. You would not want to stay inside a camper trailer which is as cold as a freezer, would you?

Covering these openings with heavy or thick materials will help to warm up your camper trailer. When you do cover them, make sure the sides or edges are sealed and insulated properly. This will prevent air from entering via these small cracks and gaps.

Skirting Your Camper Trailer

This is done in the absence of an insulated bay. Skirting is done by covering the lower portion of your camper trailer. The covering is made of vinyl and is used to circle your camper trailer. Do not forget to put a space heater under your skirting.

Another way to skirt your camper trailer is by using snow. Pile snow around the side of your camper trailer. This will last for months, and you do not have to buy vinyl. Remember also to put a space heater under it.

Regardless of what type of method you use to heat up your camper trailer, always be careful. Going on an adventure during cold weather may be fun and thrilling, but there are dangers.

Keep these important things in mind when you go camping in winter:

  1. Keep warm at all times
  2. Check for leaks if you are using gas for your heater
  3. Listen to weather updates
  4. Have enough food and other provisions in your camper trailer
  5. Do not venture into critical areas or danger zones
  6. It is best to stay in a camping site where you will be safe in case the weather gets worse

With these things in check, have fun and enjoy your winter adventure. But do it carefully and stay out of danger.

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