Classes of recreational vehicles – which one is right for you

Are you thinking about purchasing a recreational vehicles but have no idea what the differences between them are?  Trust me, I've been there...

I spent hours researching and visiting dealers and places to understand more about recreational vehicles, and now I want to share this information with you!

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A quick summary about recreation vehicles:

There are two main categories of recreational vehicles. The motorhomes, that are also called motorized recreational vehicles and the trailers are also known as towable recreational vehicles.


Motorized recreational vehicles are commonly called motorhomes. They have different classes, which you can find below. Read about them and maybe you will find one which is right for you.

Class A Motorhomes

This class of motorhomes may either be diesel or gas fueled. Diesel-fuelled motorhomes are best for climbing hills and traveling through rough terrain. Gas-fueled ones are less expensive to maintain and acquire.

Class A Motorhomes look like buses. They have all the luxurious amenities of a recreational vehicle. They come equipped with heating, air conditioning, electricity, generator, and water. They also have all the essential appliances needed for a luxurious and comfortable adventure.

 This class is good for large families. But it is said to be the most expensive. But if money is not a problem, then this is one class of recreational vehicle that you should consider

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are like family vans. Except that its roof is elevated. Diesel and gas-fueled types are available;e for the class B motorhomes.

They have the typical amenities of an average motorhome. Essential appliances are available, plus water and electricity hook up.

One of the disadvantages of class B motorhome is that it is not as big as the class A ones. This class is great for single travelers, or two adults.

They have smaller holding and water tanks. Storage and space are lesser, compared to larger motorhomes.

This class does not have a bathroom. If you settle for this type of motorhome, you need to use the facilities of an RV park for showers and toilet.

This type is good for short trips. This is not recommended, though for long camping periods with no hook-ups.

Class C Motorhomes

This class is quite similar to class A motorhomes. But it has an optional sleeping quarter over the cab. Most class C motorhomes are gas fuelled, but diesel fuelled ones are also available.

It has the basic amenities of a recreational vehicle. Kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, just like that on the Class A motorhomes. It also has the essential appliances for a comfortable camping adventure.

The Class C motorhomes come with air conditioning, electricity, heating, a generator, and a lot more. Although they are called “Class C” motorhomes, its amenities and facilities are almost the same as that of Class A motorhomes.

They cost less than class A motorhomes. But are a little expensive as compared with class B motorhomes. They are easier to drive than most recreational vehicles.

It can provide you with more space and storage. You do not have to go out to have access to the whole amenities of the recreational vehicle.

This can accommodate four people (or more). Great if you are always on the road. With all its amenities, the class C motorhome is a good choice. You can have a luxurious and comfortable camping adventure without spending too much for your RV.


Towable recreational vehicles are often called trailers. They come with all the complete amenities of a recreational vehicle. Its only difference from motorhomes is that it does not have an engine.

Trailers are towed at the back of your vehicle. They are usually latched into an SUV, a van, a pickup, or any vehicle available which may be used for your trips.

Trailers are grouped into four classes. You can read about them below.

The Truck Camper

The truck camper is attached or mounted on the bed or chassis of a standard pickup truck. This makes it easier for you to bring along wherever you want to go.

This class of the trailer comes with all the basic amenities of a recreational vehicle. It also has a portable potty.

The truck camper can go wherever the pickup truck goes. It is easy to store as you can just park it in your garage. It does not need special storage arrangements. The truck camper can even tow a trailer or a boat.

Its disadvantages, though, include:

  • It does not have a built-in generator, making long trips uncomfortable.
  • The toilet and bath are not available. You have to make use or public comfort rooms and that of the camping site.
  • The camper cannot be dismantled so you can leave it in the campsite.
  • It has a small battery capacity.
  • Its water and holding tanks are small.

The camper truck is only recommended for solo travelers or a couple. Since it is a little small, its storage and space are limited.

The Fifth Wheel Trailer

This is said to be the biggest of all camping trailers. The fifth wheel trailer comes with all the basic amenities for a comfortable camping trip.

It should be towed by a full-sized pickup truck. Its fifth wheel design makes it easier to back up. It has lots of storage and space. Its high ceiling makes it convenient if you are a tall person.

This class is recommended for a group of four people. This is a good recreational vehicle for those who plan to stay at RV parks for quite some time.

Since this is a big type of trailer, it has to be towed by a huge pickup truck. Its size and weight do not make it convenient to be used if you are always on the move.

If you are on a tight budget, then this is not the one for you. The fifth wheel trailer is the most expensive among trailers. So you need to have a lot of extra cash to spare if you want to have this one.

The Travel Trailer

The travel trailer is a little smaller compared to the fifth wheel trailer. Its amenities and facilities are quite similar. Unlike the fifth wheel trailer, the travel trailer is lighter and smaller. This feature makes it possible to be towed by vans, SUVs, full-sized sedans, and standard pick up trucks.

It comes with the basic amenities – kitchen, toilet and bath, bedroom, dining facilities, and more. They are also equipped with essential appliances like television, air condition, heating, and more.

The travel trailer is less expensive compared to the fifth wheel trailer. Because it is lightweight, it has better fuel economy features.

Just like other trailers, the travel trailer does not have a built-n generator. This may make your trip uncomfortable, especially it i is a long one. During long trips, your trailer’s atmosphere may change. Thus making your trip uncomfortable for the campers.

Since a travel trailer is towed, you can unlatch it and leave it in the campsite while you go roaming around the area in your vehicle.

 The travel trailer, though, is not that stable on the road. You need to be an expert when it comes to towing and backing it up. It may not fit in your garage, making special storage an option.

The Folding Camping Trailer

As the name suggests, this trailer class can be folded so you can tow it easily. Because it is light, it may be towed by a full-sized or a mid-sized car.

The folding camper trailer is more open compared with the other classes of trailers. It can be compared to a tent (because it can be folded), only bigger and has wheels.

You do not need special storage to store this trailer. You can just park it in your driveway because it is small. It is the cheapest of all recreational vehicles. It is easy to tow along with your, wherever you may want to go.

Because this trailer is towed, you can leave it in the campsite and use your vehicle for other purposes like touring the vicinity.

Because this is a folding trailer, it lacks the other amenities that a non-folding trailer has. These are:

  • It has no toilet and bath.
  • It has very limited space and storage.
  • Because it is folding, you need to set it up and take it down every time you stop for the night.
  • Its holding and water tanks are small.
  • It has no privacy because it is quite open.
  • Its material does not make it good to use for travel during cold weather. It cannot insulate the trailer properly during winter.
  • It does not have the amenities and facilities of other recreational vehicles.

If you really do want a recreational vehicle though, and your budget is tight, maybe you can opt for this one.

You just need to adjust to the capabilities and limitations of this trailer. Setting camp in an RV park or other campsites with amenities is recommended if you have this trailer.

It does not have the other luxurious amenities and facilities of other trailers. But you can make use of those which are available in RV parks and camping sites.

I hope this article has been useful to help you better understand about RVs...

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