Clear A Clogged RV Toilet: Tips and Tricks

A clogged toilet is every toilet user’s nightmare. Imagine having to deal with the mess a clog can create in a toilet. But don’t worry, you can clear this out.

RV clogged toilet

What should you do then if you encounter a clogged toilet? What if it is the toilet of your recreational vehicle that is clogged?

There are several ways on how you can remove the clog on the toilet of your recreational vehicle.

To most people, unclogging a toilet is a very yucky thing to do. It is dirty, messy, smelly, and all other unpleasant things.

But it must be done. You will be facing a bigger problem if you do not do so.


Clearing the clog on the toilet of your recreational vehicle may not be that hard.

It may sound big, messy, and dirty. But if you know how to clear the clog properly, it will be an easy task.

There are several ways on how to clear the clog on your recreational vehicle’s toilet. These are some of the simple ways to unclog it:

Using A Stick In Clearing Your Recreational Vehicle’s Toilet

This is the easiest and most convenient way of solving the problem. Take, for example, a situation where you are already in a camping site.

You discover that your recreational vehicle’s toilet has a clog. What should you do?

There are no tools or equipment available to address this problem. Since camping is being resourceful, then use whatever “tool” is available.

Introducing the “Stick”.

Use a bluntly ended stick when doing this procedure. Insert the stick in your toilet drain and try to push the clog down.

Repeat this process until you feel the clog is gone. Then run water in it and flush to see if the clog is still there.

Using A Plumber’s Snake To Unclog Your Recreational Vehicle’s Toilet

Another name for a plumber’s snake is drain snake. It is slender and flexible and is used for removing clogs in plumbing.

To use a plumber’s snake, you need to open the sewer tank first. Insert the plumber’s snake until you reach the clog.

Work the plumber’s snake up and down until the clog becomes loose. Allow the mess to flow out into a bucket.

Repeat the procedure until the contents of your sewer tank flow out freely.

Using Boiling Water To Unclog You Recreational Vehicle’s Toilet

This is another simple way of cleaning the clog on your recreational vehicle’s toilet. Several pots of boiling water may free your toilet of clogs.

Not hot water, but boiling water. Simply pour boiling water in your toilet and let it stay there overnight.

Flush to see if the clog has been cleared. Boiling water has been proven to effectively remove clogs in your toilet.

Boiling water dissolves the clog in your toilet, both at home or in your recreational vehicles.



Sign number is the foul smell present inside your recreational vehicle.

The clog in your recreational vehicle’s toilet may not be visible.

But the foul smell from your toilet is an indication that it is clogged. This clog may usually be found in the plumbing.

Sign number two is the valve to your recreational vehicle’s black water tank.

A malfunctioning valve may be the cause of the clog. Have your valve replaced and/ or repaired by an expert.

Sign number three is when you notice that the sound is different when you flush.

When you hear a slight sound or even no sound at all, then you have a clog in the black water tank.

Sign number four is not seeing anything coming out of your sewer hose. This is where a clear hose adapter is useful.



There are other ways on how you can remove the clog from your recreational vehicle’s toilet.

You can use tools and chemicals to do it. Let us talk about them one by one.

Cleaning the line connecting your toilet and the holding tank is one way to unclog it. Waste materials pass through this line every time you use it.

It is important that you clean it regularly. If you don’t clean it frequently, waste materials may build up in the line causing it to clog.

To clean the line, fill it halfway with clean water then add a little liquid soap.

Juggle it around by driving your recreational vehicle through bumpy roads.

Then run the water through the recreational vehicle’s pipes.

The use of chemical treatment can also unclog your recreational vehicle’s toilet.

Chemicals break down and dissolve the waste materials which are clogging your toilet.

Using chemical treatments take some time. And when you do use them, make sure you follow the directions on its package.

Powder washers may also be used to clear the clog on your recreational vehicle’s toilet.

Using an effective powder washer will remove the dirt and grime which are possible causes of clogging.

Another way to clear your recreational vehicle’s toilet of the clog is to use ice cubes.

Yes, ice cubes. Fill your tank with water, at least about a third of it.

Then fill the rest of the tank with ice. Drive your recreational vehicle around to juggle the contents of your tank.



There are ways on how to prevent your recreational vehicle’s toilet from clogging.

If you are a responsible recreational vehicle owner, you need to know more about them.

If you are well informed about the factors regarding clogging your toilet, then you can avoid them.

Remember, prevention is the best cure.

Less Paper, More Water

This means the seldom use of toilet paper. Instead of using toilet paper, use water for cleaning up instead.

This will lessen the paper materials which pass through your lines and go into your holding tanks.

Use The Right Kind Of Toilet Paper

using ordinary toilet paper may be fine when it comes to recreational vehicles. But make sure you use a brand which is soft and can easily be dissolved.

Special toilet paper for recreational vehicles is recommended.

But since this type may be a little expensive, you have the option to use ordinary toilet paper.

Just make sure that they are biodegradable and break down easily when in water.

Chemical Drop-Ins

Chemical drop-ins can also be an option to prevent clogs in your recreational vehicle.

Tissue digester, chemical drops, and probe cleaners can keep your sink and water lines clog free.

Frequent Flushing

You should flush as frequently as possible.

Frequent flushing will fill the tank with water faster, breaking down and dissolving paper and other waste materials quickly.



When we talk about health and hygiene, it is very important to have a clean RV toilet.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your recreational vehicle’s toilet can prevent diseases.

Making sure that your toilet and holding tanks are not clogged is a must.

The foul odor may emanate from clogged recreational vehicle toilets.

This bad smell may affect the health of the occupants of a recreational vehicle, and others ho may smell it.

Would you like to live in a foul-smelling living quarter? Of course not!

That is why a responsible recreational vehicle owner must understand the importance of cleanliness.

Besides, will you be comfortable traveling in a dirty and stinky recreational vehicle? Naturally, no.

When you go out camping or go o a road trip in your recreational vehicle, it becomes your temporary home.

Clean your recreational vehicle as you clean your home. Maintain and check its facilities like you do when you are at home.

Checking the condition of your water lines and holding tanks can assure you that it is clogged free and safe.

If you check these often if you find a clog, it can be addressed to right away.

This prevents the small clog from getting bigger, preventing bigger problems.



Life in a recreational vehicle is fun and exciting. You get to travel a lot and visit different places.

And you do this traveling in a comfortable way.

Traveling in a recreational vehicle is like traveling in the comforts of your home.

Although the comfort and amenities may be limited, still your trip will be comfortable.

Traveling in comfort cannot be achieved if you are not taking care of your recreational vehicle properly.

A responsible recreational vehicle owner treats his property with care and love.

Your recreational vehicle can make good memories with your family.

Your trips and adventures on the road and in camp can bond you and your family together.

Traveling in an unconditioned, dirty, and a foul-smelling recreational vehicle will ruin your adventure.

So, for your family to have an adventure worth remembering, exert effort.

Aside from planning your trip or adventure, make sure that you are traveling in comfort.

This will only happen if your recreational vehicle is in good condition, clean and has a clog-free toilet.

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