Cost of a Truck Camper: Budget Talk

Before we talk about the cost of a truck camper, let us first know what a truck camper is. A truck camper generally refers to any recreational vehicle placed on the back of a pick-up truck. These truck campers are very versatile and can go anywhere.
Truck camper

Truck campers are any recreational vehicle which can be dismounted easily from the vehicle which carries it.

This is kind of recreational vehicle is popular among fishermen, horseback riders, and other people who are into sports. A boat or a horse trailer may be easily towed by a truck camper.

-Pop-up Truck Campers

This low profile truck camper has a design which cuts back wind resistance and weight. The roof of a pop-up truck camper may be elevated during camping to add to its height. This class of camper truck is lightweight.

Its frame may be made up of wood or aluminium. Its siding may be of aluminium or filon, and may either have electric or hydraulic lifts. Pop-up truck campers have different qualities and designs, and its floor plans may vary.

-Clamshell Truck Camper: The Clamshell Truck

Camper is made up of two fiber glass pieces joined together horizontally. It is boxlike in form, with hinges as connectors of its sides. One side of he top may be lifted to add a little head room to the camper.

As wall to the upper part of the camper and the lifted portion of the top, a screen may be found.

Completing the enclosure are A-shaped panels which form walls. A door may be found at the end of the panel.

-Campers with slides

This camper truck class has a movable section (or sections). These movable sections increase the living space of the camper. These movable sections can only be found on camper trucks with frames. Slides are not advisable to pop-up camper trucks or clamshells.


The most common vehicle used for a camper truck is a pick-up truck. Having a pick-up truck does not mean you can just put any kind of camper truck at the back of it.

The type of camper truck you can attach on your pick-up truck depends on your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR. This determines the ideal type and size of a camper truck your vehicle should be carrying.

The gross vehicle weight rating does not include the vehicle’s passengers and its fuel load. Aside from the gross vehicle weight rating, other factors to be considered are the tires and brake of the vehicle.

Taking these two things into consideration can determine and ensure the safety rating of the camper truck.


Because it is lightweight and its size, a camper truck is not at all that expensive, as compared with other recreational vehicles. It is considered to be one of the smallest and the least expensive of all recreational vehicles.

Because you only need to latch it on the bed of a pick-up truck, it is very convenient to bring anywhere when you go to camping trips and other outdoor adventures and activities, even those relating to sports.

Since it is less expensive, how much does a camper truck cost then? The usual cost of a caper truck ranges from $3000 to $15000.

This depends on the size and type of camper truck you want to buy. This price range is for standard sized vehicles.

Remember that the type and size of the camper truck you can have depends on the kind and gross vehicle weight rating of the pick-up truck you have.

More expensive camper trucks cost $20000 to $50000. These camper trucks are larger, and, of course, are designed for larger vehicles.

These camper trucks are equipped with amenities like a bathroom, or a slide to widen the living area of the camper truck. The bathroom may have a sink, a toilet, and a shower.

Because it is larger than the camper truck with standard size, it may also have a queen sized bed, and a dinette which may be converted into a bed.

Additional features may include a stove and oven, and a refrigerator. Now this is what modern camping is all about.

Naturally, if you are the adventurous type and you love outdoor activities, and you do not have that much in your bank account, the standard-sized camper truck is recommended.

But if you are financially capable of acquiring a more expensive camper truck, then opt for the larger camper trucks with the features of a luxurious camper’s dream.


If you think costs and expenses start and stop upon purchase of a camper truck, think again. Camper truck parking may incur fees. Parking fees may range from $10 to $50 depending on the amenities they have. And then, there is this thing called storage.

If you have a larger camper truck and you do not have that much space in your home on where to park it, you have no choice but to avail of the services of a storage company.Recreational vehicle storage place rental may cost you from $20 to $100 per month.

These additional costs are there as long as you have a camper truck in your possession.

But to most people, costs means nothing, especially if they get a chance to enjoy life in the outdoors, with nature as its background, enjoying the peace and quiet of life, in exchange for a few dollars.


The pick-up truck and the camper truck may be bought or acquired separately. But with much competition in the market, there are companies which offer a complete package, which include a pick-up truck, and a camping truck.

Opting for a camper truck package is convenient for those who do not have pick-up trucks yet. No need for you to have a camper truck designed for your type of pick-up truck, and wait for it to be finished.

You can acquire a complete camper truck, already installed and latched in the bed of a pick-up truck, all ready for use, right away.

But for those who already own a pick-up truck, then it is practical to have a camper truck designed for the type of pick-up truck you already have. A camper truck will cost lesser if you buy it by itself compared to buying it with a pick-up truck.


Other people may belittle and discriminate a truck camper. Well, sad to say, they are committing a very big mistake. Do you know that you can save more and do more with a camper truck?

Here are some of the advantages of owning a camper truck. Who knows, people who look down on camper trucks may reconsider and acquire one for themselves.

1. A camper truck can go anywhere a pick-up truck can go.

Camping and exploring can be lots of fun if you have a truck camper. Because you can practically go anywhere with your camper truck, you may be able to find and discover places which are good for camping and outdoor adventure.

2. You can camp for free with a truck camper.

You can camp anywhere for free with your camper truck. Since camper trucks are more discreet as compared with other recreational vehicles, it can park longer that other recreational vehicles.

Truck campers fit into places where larger recreational vehicles could not go. Truck campers have enough battery and holding tank capacity to last them several days, without hook-ups. Solar panels installed on them can even last them for a week or more.

3. Truck campers cost less.

Truck campers are competitive when it comes to costs compared with other recreational vehicles. They are considered to the inexpensive but practical type among all other recreational vehicles.

4. Savings on maintenance, fuel, and registration and insurance.

Fuel consumption of camper trucks depend upon the Pick-up and camper truck combination.

A truck camper can cover from 10 to 15 miles per gallon of fuel. This is, by far, more better when compared to other recreational vehicles.

Maintenance on the camper truck is minimal as compared with other recreational vehicles, as concentration will be on the pick-up truck, not on the camper.

Most states do not require registration for your camper. Insurance companies insure your truck and your camper, as one.

5. Savings on storage.

Since truck campers are smaller, compared with other recreational vehicles, when not in use, you can just dismantle it from the bed of your truck and store it in your garage, making your pick-up truck usable for other purposes.

For larger camper trucks, however, if you do not have enough space in your property on where to store it, availing the services of a storage facility is the best option.

You may be spending for it, but still, because it is smaller than other recreational vehicles, its, storage fee may cost lesser.

Having read about truck campers, in this article, hopefully those who belittle this small and inexpensive recreational vehicle may reconsider and have a little more respect for it. Happy camping with your truck camper!
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