Preparing for first time camping

Camping is a very enjoyable outdoor experience for most people. Those who love the outdoors definitely enjoy preparing for first time camping.

Preparing for first time camping

Going camping does not just mean you pack up and go. There are several things you have to do so your camping experience will be worth remembering.

Especially if you are a first-time camper, you need to know what to bring and what not to bring. You need to learn about all the precautions you need to observe when going camping.


Material things are not the only ones you need to prepare when going camping. Especially if it is your first time to camp. The most important thing which need to be prepared is your self.

It is imperative that you are prepared mentally and physically. Camping is not all fun and enjoyment. Since you are out in the wilds, you will never know what situations you might encounter.

Condition your mind and set it to the thought that you are going camping. Anything can happen in a camping site, so it is best to be prepared.


When you go out camping, you need to think of the gears you have to bring and use. Fine if you are using a recreational vehicle. At least you do not have tense to set up when you have a recreational vehicle.

But for those who cannot afford or do not own a recreational vehicle, tents are the most convenient form of temporary shelter for campers.

If you have friends and family who are campers, you can ask them for advice about what camping gears are needed. They can also give you tips about which ones are best in quality and price, as they have experience regarding these things.

If not, there are lots of Sites on the internet where you can browse and inquire about camping gears. You can also research other things which you need to prepare as a first-time camper.


A tent is one of the important things you need to have when you go camping. This will serve as your temporary shelter the whole time that you are in a camping site.

Your tent must be strong, durable and reliable. A good material is an important feature of a tent. Remember that it will be your “home” while camping. So it must be the best.

You should also consider your sleeping arrangements. How many people are you going to allow to sleep inside your tent? So you must also consider the size of your tent when purchasing one.

Since it is your first time camping, make sure your tent will be easy to set-up. Get one whose instructions for putting it up will be easy for you to follow, instructions that you will be able to understand easily.

Sleeping Mats

You will practically be sleeping on the ground when you go camping. It is important that you put a good barrier between you and the ground. Choose a sleeping mat which can protect you from the heat and moisture that the ground absorbs and emits.

Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bags must be comfortable and well-insulated. These are the most important features of a reliable sleeping bag. If it is not comfortable, how can you sleep properly? Remember you will practically be sleeping on the ground, so make sure you have a comfortable sleeping bag.

It needs to be properly insulated. Why? Your temporary shelter when you are out camping is a tent. It will be terribly cold at night. If you have a well-insulated sleeping bag, at least you will feel warm throughout the night. This will prevent you from shivering the whole night.


Having prepared yourself mentally and physically. And your gears and equipment are ready, too. Let us now talk about other essential preparations you need to go camping for the first time.

 Make plans on where you want to go camping. How long are you planning to stay on the camping site? How many people are going camping with you? These are the first concerns which you need to address first. With that done, prepare the other necessities

Cooking Equipment

Yes, today, when you go camping, you need to bring cooking equipment with you. The act of Camping has upgraded itself.

Before, you just need stones and wood as a “stove”. Then cans for pots. Big leaves for plates and drinking vessels. But that was then. It was primitive camping then.

Modern-day camping means bringing a burner, plates and other utensils, pots and pans, and other cooking equipment. But bring the essential ones only.

Extra Sleeping Bags

This is just in case you might need one. You will never know if the sleeping bag you are using will get wet or damaged. It is best to be prepared or else risk shivering throughout the night.


The amount and types of clothes depending on how long you plan to stay camping. And of course, the climate on the place you are planning to set camp. But even though the weather may be favorable, just bring clothes to keep yourself warm in case of sudden climate change on the camping site.

First Aid Kit

Now, this is a very important item to neglect or forget. Set up a first aid kit with all the essentials in it. Bandages, medicines (for headache, fever, stomach ache, allergies), plasters, thermometer, and others.

Be prepared and bring along ointments and liniments. Treatment for blisters is also recommended. All that walking and hiking will definitely result in blisters one way or the other. Alcohol or any disinfectant will come handy in your first aid kit, too.

Food and Provisions

This is the most interesting part of your preparation. Planning what food to bring, for how many people, and for how many days.

It is best that you bring food which does not rot easily. Canned food is good. Instant noodles, or cup noodles, nuts and chips, candies, and protein bars.

3-in-1 coffee, chocolate drinks, milk, and juices in tetra packs and tea are among those which you can bring with you to camp. Alcoholic beverages are fine as long as it is not bottled.

You can also bring fruits and vegetables with you. Carrots, potatoes, banana, apples, oranges, just make sure you eat them first and that they do not rot easily. The secret to this is to bring some, especially in fruits, which are not that ripe yet. Bring some ripe ones and bring some which are not. As the days pass, the unripe fruits will ripen naturally, so you can still eat them.

Fresh meat and fist can also be brought to camp. Cold cuts, too. Just make sure you have a reliable ice box full of ice to store them. And clean, potable water. Lots of it. You can never be sure if the water on the campsite you choose will be safe for drinking.

Headlamp, Lantern, and Flashlights

It will definitely be very dark at night. These things are needed so when you need to get up or hear some noise outside, it will be embarrassing and annoying if you groped around in the dark. Besides, roaming around in the dark may result in accidents.

Bug Spray and Insect Repellent

Remember that you will practically be staying outdoors most of the time. All kinds of bugs and insects are everywhere. It is best that you prepared for them. Bug spray and insect repellent will take care of these camp nuisances.


Yes, sunscreen. It is not just needed when going to the beach. Because you will be staying outdoors most of the time, you will be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

To avoid sunburn and other skin complications due to the sun, it is best that you apply sunscreen everytime you go outdoors.

Personal Hygiene Kit

Being in camp does not mean you have to forget your hygiene. Have pity on your fellow campers! Do not pollute the air with your smell. You are out camping to catch a breath of fresh air and relax. Get my point?

So never forget to bring along with you bath soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, and other things essential for your personal hygiene. You may not be in the comforts of your home, but still, it is best that you be clean and smell good.


What you have read above may seem too much for you, being a first-time camper. But you can never tell what may happen in camp. That is why it is best to come prepared for whatever situation may take place when you are out camping.

One important thing you need to bring – garbage bags. Never forget to clean your camp regularly and clean-up before you leave. You must also dispose of your garbage properly.

Camping is a fun experience for everybody. It makes you connect with nature and lets you have quality time with your family, far from the high tech living in the city. It is essential that you know your responsibilities as campers, not only to your fellow campers but to nature as well.

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