Is Recreational Vehicle Toilet Paper Necessary?

Toilet paper for your recreational vehicle? Really?

Yes. There are such things as toilet paper for your RV.

RV Toilet paper

Toilet paper for your recreational vehicles is special kinds of toilet paper.

These are the types that dissolve easily on water. This is to avoid the clogging of your toilet.

But do you really need RV toilet paper?
Some say yes, and of course, there are others who would contradict.

Let us talk about toilet papers for recreational vehicles. Maybe then you can decide for yourself if you really need RV toilet papers or not.


Toilet papers for your recreational vehicles or RV toilet papers are “special” toilet papers.

They are said to decompose easily to prevent clogging on the toilet and pipes of your recreational vehicles.

These types of toilet papers are said to be “RV friendly”.

Toilet papers designed for recreational vehicles break down rapidly. But not all RV toilet papers are the same.

There are some which claim to be safe to use in a recreational vehicle, but sad to say, they are not.

The best way to check and verify that these toilet papers are safe to use in a recreational vehicle is to test them.

If you buy a particular brand of toilet paper for recreational vehicles, put a piece of it in a glass of water.

Shake the glass with the water and piece of toilet paper inside and see if it breaks down or dissolves faster.

If not, then it is not safe for use in a recreational vehicle.

Toilet paper which is safe to use in a recreational vehicle is supposed to disintegrate easily.

Just the same, you can check out the packaging to see if it is RV or sewer system friendly.

But testing it will be a great way to confirm and be sure that indeed, it is safe for recreational vehicle use.



The primary benefit of using special toilet paper designed for recreational vehicles is it disintegrates faster, making clogs and messy sewer system problems avoidable.

This feature of the RV toilet paper, since it dissolves faster, can lessen the number of times you need to unload and clean your recreational vehicle’s septic tank.


The price. Toilet papers for recreational vehicles are special kinds of paper. Because they are “special”, they cost much.

If you are a little keen on budgeting and savings, well, think again if you decide to use toilet papers for your recreational vehicle.

These kinds of toilet papers are a little expensive when compared to ordinary ones.

Regardless of what kind of toilet paper you use for your RV, the problem related to toilet papers and clogging of holding tanks can be avoided by following proper dumping techniques.


Your recreational vehicle’s holding tank is h equivalent to a home or a building’s septic tank.

There are two types of holding tanks: the metal and the plastic holding tanks. Nothing is more annoying and frustrating as a spoiled vacation or adventure.

And one cause of this may be a leaking holding tank.
Regardless of what type of material your holding tank may be, make sure to check it regularly for leaks and damages.

Regular monitoring of your recreational vehicle’s facilities will ensure a safe and hassle-free adventure.

It is important to use a flushing valve and a chemical treatment for your holding tank.

The chemical will help dissolve waste materials in your holding tank so it will be clean and odorless.

A flushing valve will back flush the entire sewer system of your recreational vehicle.

This backflushing removes small clogs on your sewer system, making it clean and free of clogs and potential clogs.

Another important thing to do in maintaining your holding tank is to change or replace its seals and valves.

Rubber seals may become soft as it has been exposed to a lot of chemicals in the waste materials. This will cause leaks which affect the seal’s serviceability.

It is recommended that when the seal of your holding tank is at least not so new anymore, you need to change it with a new one, one which is serviceable.

What if your recreational vehicle’s holding tank has a puncture or a crack?

Well, there are repair kits available in stores for these kinds of problems.

This problem, along with damaged seals and valves, must be addressed to right away to prevent a bigger problem in the future from happening.


Your recreational vehicle’s holding tank needs to be dumped and cleaned properly.

The first thing to take into consideration is to know how the three water tanks on your recreational vehicle are related to one another.

The grey water tank is from the shower and sinks while the black water tank if for the toilet.

Then, another important factor to consider is where to dump your waste properly.

There are designated places where you can dump your holding tank’s contents properly.

There are designated RV dumping areas for the grey and black water tanks.

For the third tank, the fresh water tank, RVs are allowed to dump them anywhere, but make sure it won’t cause trouble or inconvenience to other campers.

Emptying your grey and black water tanks must be done in a designated RV dumping station.

It is imperative that you wear protection when doing this. Wear rubber gloves.

Never touch the holding tanks with your bare hands. Imagine the bacteria you may get when you do.

Use a hose to clean the tank once it is empty.

Remember to clean the holding tank thoroughly. Then after the dumping and cleaning, sanitize yourself.

Washing with anti-bacterial soap and clean water will do then back it up with sanitary wipes and alcohol.

Dumping your holding tank’s contents may not be an enjoyable task, but it needs to be done.

So do it so your holding tanks will be in good condition always.


Between toilet papers which are septic safe and those which are safe to use in RVs depend on how you interpret the note which may be found on toilet paper packagings.

There are those which say “Safe for RV Use”. This statement means that it may be used in recreational vehicles safely.

These types of toilet paper are said to not clog the hoses and drains of your recreational vehicles, especially the holding tanks.

Toilet papers made for recreational vehicles, boats, buses, and similar forms of transportation must rapidly dissolve.

They dissolve faster than ordinary toilet paper.

The statement which says “Septic Safe” or “Safe for Sewer Systems” may be interpreted in several ways.

It may mean it is only safe for use at home or other permanent structures.

It may also mean that it is safe for all kinds of sewer systems, including that of a recreational vehicle.

So it is confusing, isn’t it?

If you have an RV and you want to make sure, it is suggested that you choose a toilet paper brand whose package indicates that it is safe for recreational vehicle use.

This way, you will never go wrong. BUT make sure the brand you choose is of good quality.

There are brands which, although it is safe for use in your recreational vehicles, you still need to have it tested so you can be sure that it is truly safe to use.

You do not want your holding tank to be clogged, right?


It all goes down to the preference of the user.

Since toilet papers for recreational vehicles are a little expensive than ordinary toilet paper, it may be a luxury on those who are living on a budget.

But for those who have extra funds for such luxuries, I do not think it will create any problem.

For those who are living in a budget, though, it may be a heavy cut on their budget if they choose to use the special toilet papers for recreational vehicles.

What should they do then?

Naturally, they will not want to clog their holding tanks and have a much bigger problem on their shoulders.

Are there any other options?

Well, if it is really hard for RV owners to use the special toilet paper, other experienced RV owners suggest using ordinary toilet papers.

BUT you must make sure that you choose a brand which is soft and can be easily dissolved in water.

These kinds may be used in recreational vehicles if you find the special toilet papers to be too expensive for your budget.

If you do use ordinary toilet paper, make sure you use chemical solutions on your holding tanks which help dissolve waste materials, faster and easier.

Remember, regardless of what type of toilet paper you use, you need to be responsible RV owners.

You need to know how to maintain and clean your holding tanks and your recreational vehicles.

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