Selecting the Best RV Generator

If you own a recreational vehicle, then you must love to go camping and enjoy nature and the outdoors. To have a comfortable adventure, you must be prepared.

You must equip your self and your recreational vehicle with the essential and important things needed for your trip.

The best RV Power Generator
One of these essential things is the RV generator.
The RV generator is responsible for providing power to your recreational vehicle. So if you get one, you must make sure it is dependable, reliable, and of the best quality available in the market.


Since a recreational vehicle is a home away from home for most people, there are essential things like appliances, lights, and others, which need electricity. This is where an RV generator gets into the picture.

Most recreational vehicles come with its own generator when you purchase it. But of course, since it is a “package deal”, the generator may not be that good or may not provide you with a reliable source of power.

In choosing the best RV generator, there are some factors which you should take into consideration first.

How You Plan To Use Your Generator?

To be able to know what kind of generator you should buy, think about what you plan to do with it first. Where and how are you going to use it? For what? Is it going to be just for the lights, or just for the fridge or the water system? Or do you plan to use it for the whole vehicle?

If you are going to use it as a primary source of power for your recreational vehicle, then you should get a 50 or 30 amp generator connection.

How Much Power Do You Need?

To determine the amount of power needed is to identify what kinds of appliances you want to hook up with your generator. A generator with a power of not less than 2,000 watts can comfortably keep your air conditioning unit running.

A 2,000-watt generator can supply power to high power appliances, and most recreational equipment. But if you are short on budget, then you can opt for a smaller RV generator.

How Much Noise Does It Create?

Naturally, you do not want a recreational vehicle generator that creates too much noise. It will disturb the other campers. And you might have conflicts with some of them because of your generator’s noise. So it is recommended that you choose a generator which does not create much noise.

So when you purchase a generator for your recreational vehicle, check its noise level. Some generators even come with soundproofing features. Thanks to modern technology.

What Kind Of Fuel Does The Generator Use?

The type of fuel a generator uses depends on whether it is a portable or onboard generator. Portable generators have built-in fuel tanks and use normal grade gasoline.

 Onboard generators, on the other hand, may be powered using diesel, gasoline, or liquid propane. The amount of fuel it consumes depends on what the recreational vehicle runs with the generator. The kind of fuel it uses depends on what is available

The Generator’s Construction And Design

A generator with a simple construction and design is best for recreational vehicles. Why? Because an avid camper is always on the road, traveling for miles and miles.

Its simple design and construction make maintenance and repair less complicated. They do not come with intricate and confusing buttons and controls. So it is easy to operate.

The Generator’s Weight And Size

Powerful generators tend to be bulky and heavy. So since you have to move a lot, choose one which is smaller and lighter. It may not provide you with the same amount of power that bigger ones. But it will be easier to handle.

But if you only know how to look for smaller ones with as much power as the bigger generators, then good for you!

The Price Of A Recreational Vehicle’s Generator

Price is an important factor to consider also. Especially if you have a tight budget, but you badly need a generator for your recreational vehicle.

The bigger the generator, the more expensive it is. That is why you need to consider the issues mentioned above when deciding what kind of generator to get for your recreational vehicle.

The Generator’s Run Time

By runtime, we mean the length or period on which your generator can function before having to refuel it. You would not want to spend your vacation refueling your generator every so often, would you?

So find a generator for your recreational vehicle with longer runtime and good fuel efficiency. If it has both, then you are guaranteed the best generator for your recreational vehicle.


A generator can provide your recreational vehicle with power. It may be considered as an investment because you need to spend on it. It can be a backup power source in case there is a shortage of electricity in camping sites or RV parks.

A generator can recharge the battery of your recreational vehicle. It allows you to use essential appliances in your recreational vehicles like the television, the microwave, and even the air conditioning unit.


Aside from supplying primary power to a recreational vehicle, the portable or mobile generator has other uses. These are:

  • For parties, concerts, and other outdoor events – there are venues for certain events and parties which do not have electricity. Portable generators are the best source of power for situations like these. There are large mobile generators which can provide power for a concert, a big party, or any event.
  • Backup for power in case of natural emergencies – this is applicable during storms and natural calamities. In cases like these, usually, electric power is cut off. So a mobile or portable generator can help provide power to make essential rescue and life-saving equipment and appliances function.
  • Emergency power backup for homes – blackouts may occur in the middle of the night. Portable generators can provide you with needed power for your home in case this situation occurs. Today’s modern generators can run high power appliances like refrigerators, televisions, and more.
  • Provide a power source for job sites – there are a lot of equipment and power tools used in a job site. Projects will not be finished and workers will not be able to have their work done if there is a shortage of electric power. A portable generator can save the day. Especially on job sites which has no available electric supply, a generator will come handy, and be a great help for the completion of the job.


Once you have made a decision on what kind of generator to use in your recreational vehicle, you must learn how to maintain and care for it. Proper caring and maintenance of your recreational vehicle’s generator will assure you that it will live long.

Make Sure To Keep The Power Flowing

There are several things to check so you can be sure that the power of your generator will continue to flow smoothly. Make sure you clean the spark arrestor. Turn on your generator, even if you do not need it, for a few minutes so it will not remain dormant for a long time.

Make sure that before you start you’re your generator, it does not have any load. Do not turn off your generator if it still has a heavy load.

Clean Your Recreational Vehicle’s Generator Regularly

A clean recreational vehicle’s generator can guarantee you of quality service and will function properly. Cleaning it regularly will prevent dirt and other elements from damaging your generator and its parts. You can also do a check-up on its exterior after cleaning to find out if there are any damages which need to be addressed to right away.

Keen inspection of your generator will help you see if there are any problems. It may be small, but you need to address it right away to prevent a bigger damage. Make sure that there are no leaks.

Oil Change

Regular oil change of your recreational vehicle’s generator will make it function properly and smoothly. This will make your appliances and equipment run without any hitch.

Battery Check

The battery of your recreational vehicle’s generator must be checked regularly. Make sure that the electrolyte solution of your battery cells is always full. The specific gravity of your battery will let you know if it is time for you to replace it with a new one. Proper caring and maintenance of your RV battery can extend its average lifespan.

Proper Storage Of Your Recreational Vehicle’s Generator

Proper storage of your generator is very important. Keep it in a secure and dry place. But before you store it, make sure that it is totally clean. Remove whatever dirt and elements on your generator. If you store it dirty, the dirt will cause damage to it, especially if you store it for quite some time.


When you buy a generator for your recreational vehicle, the most important thing to consider is what its use would be to you. Consider your needs and see to it that the generator you choose will suit and meet whatever needs you might have.

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