How to save money living in an RV

How To Save Money Living in an RV

I tried living on the road full-time several years ago and if you’d ask me how to save money living in an RV, oh boy you might be surprised on how much adjustments I made to fit in my budget.I often catch myself eating out often whenever I’m on the road exploring quite a bit, […]

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RV Cleaning

Cleaning A Recreational Vehicle Water Tank

I know, it’s not the funniest task in the world, but cleaning is necessary… Your RV’s tank needs to be cleaned, so let’s learn how to do that! Cleaning an RV Water tank is an important task. Recreational vehicles have three water tanks: 1.) the fresh water tank; 2.) the gray water tank (for water […]

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RV Parked

An RV: Can I Park it at Walmart?

An RV means a recreational vehicle designed for people to have temporary accommodation. Examples of these are campers, motorhomes, trailers, caravans, and campervans and they are not parking friendly, so the question many people have is can I park an RV at Walmart? Let’s talk about that… Now, this is the answer to your question. Of […]

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