What are the Necessary Tools for Camping?

Whatever is your reason for camping out, there are some things that every camper need to bring. Most of the time, you will need these items wherever you are heading or no matter how long is your trip. So what are these camping essentials?

Tools for Camping

As exciting as it sounds, camping is an activity that one should try at least once in a lifetime. Imagine how relaxing it is to be close with nature just when everything else is chaotic. 

Since it is an outdoor activity, you probably have to bring along different items which will make your life more convenient. 

Individual Tools

Here are some essential tools for camping:

  • Sleeping bag: When you camp out, it means that you leave the comforts of your home and you'll probably sleep in the ground. This makes it necessary that you have a sleeping bag with you to keep you warm and to give you a comfortable sleep. Bringing one is very important especially when you are not bringing a tent.
Sleeping bag for camping
  • Flashlight: is definitely a must-have for every camper. Aside from safety reasons, it is a thing that will help keep you sane as sharing a flashlight is not fun at all. In choosing what flashlight to bring, choose a small, lightweight flashlight that has an easy-to-activate switch and fits comfortably in your hand. 
  • Flashlight for camping

      While some campers prefer headlamps, bringing a flashlight is a wise decision since it is smaller and you can spot things better without being constrained by head movements. Furthermore, a headlamp is difficult to hold especially when it is a long time.

  • Multi-tool: One of the most important tools that you should bring when camping is a good multi-tool. This is because it allows you to bring several different tools in just one light package which makes your life more convenient. 
  • Multi-tool for camping

      You can bring either a simple multi-tool which contains the necessities or you can bring a more elaborate one with all the tools you will ever need and more. Whatever is your choice, both of these are a big help when camping, but in choosing which one to bring, you have to decide is more convenient to bring considering your needs in the camp.

    • Survival Kit: In almost every situation, a survival kit should be with you. This is very true when camping. You must ensure that you have your survival kit with you. Your survival kit must contain the things that will help you survive in case anything happens. 

    Survival kit for hiking and camping

    There are survival kits which you can readily buy or you can personally make one yourself. No matter what your choice is - buy one or make one - what is important it contains everything you need.

    Group Tools

    • Tent: Camping wouldn't be camping without a tent. Besides, the very essence of camping is sharing a tent with someone else. There are tents which can only accommodate 2 people but there are also tents which can accommodate people in groups. With this, you must consider how many are you in the group to know the space you'll need.

    Tent for camping

    If the tent is too large for one person to carry it, the tent can be separated into different parts which can be individually carried by each member of the group.

    • Water purifier: Yes, camping is an outdoor activity which means that you'll be exposed to different elements but camping should compromise your health. Untreated water is not advisable to drink when camping. This is because of even the cleanest streams still have the possibility of carrying pathogens which can risk and ruin your camping. You might end up in the emergency room if you do so.

    Camping water purifier

    There are many ways to treat water for consumption, but many campers choose to bring water purifier as it is more convenient and effective. Ideally, every two members should have one water purifier or it is even better if each member has one since the process one purifying the water using it kind of takes time.

    • Camp stove: While cooking in an open fire is a good idea, but that is a lot more trouble than bringing a camp stove with you. There are also camping sites whereon campfires are not allowed which makes camping a safe option to bring just in case campfires aren't allowed one you will end up eating nothing but the ready to eat food you have with you.

    Camping stove

    Of course, your camp stove won't work without fuel which means that you have to bring one. The fuel container actually takes bigger space than the stove itself. It is suggested that like water purifiers, every two members should have a stove with them as cooking in large mount for everybody to share takes time and will also require you to bring larger kitchenware.

    • First Aid Kit: Normally, each camper has the basic first aid kit with them, but every camping party should have a complete first aid kit with them. The following items should be found on the kit:

  • An assortment of bandages
  • Gauze
  • Tape
  • Tweezers
  • Benadryl
  • Fever medication
  • Muscle pain medication
  • Topical pain-relieving lotion or gel
  • Antidiarrheal medication
  • Antacid
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Triple antibiotic ointment or cream
  • First Aid Kit

    If there is a need to bring prescription medicine, then don't hesitate to bring it as well. In packing the first aid kit, put the items in a carrying case in good condition for it to be more organized. Ideally, the carrying case should be bright in color so that it will be easier to see in case an emergency happens. The larger your group is, then the more items should be in your first aid kit.

    Mandatory Tools

    • A mess kit is needed by every camping group for them to prepare, cook and serve food. A typical mess kit contains two sets of minimal flatware, a couple of pots or pans, two cups, and two plates. But of course, there the more options available and the mess kit that you are going to bring depends on the number of members too. Each member can bring his or her mess kit or every four members can share with one mess kit - whichever works better.

      In planning out the mess kit that you are going to bring, it is important that you consider the foods that you are going to cook. If you plan to bring more ready to eat foods, the lesser mess kit you will need. But if you plan to do more cooking, then you have to bring more.

    • A map: There is a high chance that your group will explore the place where you are going to camp which makes it ideal that you have your map with you. A good map will help you to go easier where you intend to go. It lessens the drama of getting lost and all. In case that there is a need to hike before you reach the camping site, a good map will help you determine how far have you hike and how far do you still have to hike.

      There are also maps available on smartphones but they are not as reliable as papers maps. Why? Once the device shuts down, it's over. Furthermore, they won't work unless there is a strong signal and requires an internet connection. What if there is no signal available in the place where you are going to camp?

      Bringing a paper map during camping is really a wise decision. You can always bring your smartphone with you, but bringing a paper map with you is a great idea‚Äč

    Important consideration

    Every camping experience is different which means that you might need to add or remove some items that are mentioned above. 

    Accordingly, no list of tools needed can compensate for a well-planned trip for a well-planned trip ensures that you will have the best time of your life and you are safe while you are outside the walls of your home. 

    However, the list above will give you the peace of mind that you have everything you'll ever need during the trip.

    Enjoy your camping, and please share this article with your friends.

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