Why camping is good for you and how to enjoy such experience

Do you know why camp is good for you and for your family and friends? 

Campers generally leave the comforts of their homes and stay either overnight or for several days on camping areas with family and friends...

They do this to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Family camping and having fun

People go camping because it's fun and healthy, a great opportunity to hangout with family and friends and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Camping is fun

Campers bring a tent or camping bags with them to use for sleeping. Camping is usually done in the woods or in mountains and is not the same as daytime tripping. 

For some, camping is a very enjoyable experience, especially for those who enjoy nature and the outdoors. 

People who are adventurous enjoy life outdoors and communicating with nature. For these people, camping is a way for them to relax, enjoy, and have fun, the natural and primitive way.

But camping is not as easy as it seems to be. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before going on a camping trip with your loved ones.

Learning all about the things that you should bring with you is of great help.

Be prepared for the camping experience

The basic things that campers bring are tents or sleeping bags, mosquito repellent, water and of course, the most important of all --- food. 

Bringing food is crucial when you go on a camping trip but you cannot just bring any food out there. There is specific food that you need to bring because it will give you comfort and convenience than other types of food.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to bring the proper food for camping so you and your family don't have nurturing problems. Please make yourself a favor and also read the article: What Kind of Food to Bring for Camping.

The Importance of Hydration

Woman drinking water in the campsite

When on a camping trip, hydration is an important factor to consider seriously. 

The activities in the camp – like hiking, trekking, playing games, and a lot more – can make you lose a lot of body fluids. 

And to add to it, camping is usually done during hot weather. The heat makes you lose body fluids faster. 

That is why it is very important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Prevent healthy problems

Dehydration may cause complications. Once complications set in and you become sick, how can you enjoy the rest of your camping trip? 

So always remember to keep hydrated always, especially if you are doing outdoor activities in camp, under the scorching heat.

It is essential to pack lots of water when you go camping.

Having enough clean water around can also be used in cooking. It is recommended that you have a separate cooler for water and drinks and one for food.

You can also bring other beverages with you like tea, juices, soda, and others, but drinking lots of water is still the best way to keep hydrated. 

Ice chest and drinks for camping

Remember what we learned from school? Man can live for about a month without food, but he cannot live for more than a week without water. 

So learn to understand and appreciate the importance of water.

Before you leave for your camping trip:

Important things to remember when you go on a camping trip

Camping may be enjoyable and fun, but you need to be a responsible camper to make your camping activity successful and fun for everybody. 

There are several things which you must remember before, during, and after you go camping.

  • Plan your adventure – research about the place you are planning to set camp on. Familiarizing yourself with the area will help you to anticipate and know what to expect from it.
  • Plan your food – now this is the most important. Hunger can spoil a supposedly fun camping experience for everybody. So make sure you plan your food properly.
  • Check your gears and equipment – It is also important that you check your camping gears and equipment. Make sure your tent is in good condition. See to it that it has no damage or whatever. Test and check every other gear and equipment you may need for your adventure.
  • List down the essentials that are needed for camping – first aid kit, mosquito repellent, food, cooking utensils, eating utensils, trash bags, flashlights, lighter or matches, candles, and a lot more. Make a list and prepare them based on your list so you will not forget anything.
  • Remember to bring personal hygiene kits – having a chance to live in a sort of “primitive” way (no technology, no gadgets), does not mean you have to do away with personal hygiene and live primitively. Observe cleanliness still, both on yourself and the campsite.
  • Make sure you bring clothing for all types of weather. Weather, despite forecasts, is unpredictable. It will not hurt if you go camoing prepared for whatever situation may arise during camping.
  • Bring lots of clean drinking water – if you are unsure of the water on the campsite, put water on soda bottles (the big ones) and freeze them overnight. You can bring it along with you to camp on a separate cooler from that of your food.
  • Check your vehicle – of course you need to check the vehicle that will bring you and your family to the campsite. This will ensure that your trip will be safe and that accidents will be avoided.

During camping

  • Check out the campsite first.
  • Familiarize yourself with the area.
  • Know the dangers around the area.
  • Find a clear, level ground for your tent.
  • Set up your tent and make a portable kitchen.
  • Enjoy and have fun with the activities prepared for your camping adventure, but remember to be safe always and be responsible campers.
  • Avoid places with tall grasses or shadowed and dark areas. This is where snakes and other dangerous creatures may be found,
  •  Always wash up after an activity.
  • Drink lots of water especially during camp activities to keep you hydrated.

After camping

  • Clean up the campsite properly before you head for home.
  • Dispose of your trash properly.
  • Make sure you do not leave anything behind.
  • Check your vehicle before leaving the campsite to make sure that you will have a safe and accident-free trip when you head for home.

What Makes Camping So Much Fun

Camping is one activity for the family to bond together. With the lifestyle most people have today, family time is most often neglected. 

Our schedules and work may keep us busy, but still, we must make an effort to spend time with our family, especially the kids.

Camping is one way to spend quality time with your family. It will drag you away from the things called technology and modernization. 

Family having fun in the camping site

Gadgets, television, and other products of technology is inaccessible on campsites. Camping will give you the experience of having fun the simple way.

With camping, you and your family can perform activities together. It will teach your children how to appreciate and give importance to nature. 

Camping can make them experience a life without the intervention of technology, how simple and stress-free life is, how much fun being able to talk to each other and play with each other is.

Modern technology, although not thoroughly, in some ways has deprived us and our children the chance to spend time with each other, to be normal families. 

A family that communicates, a family that does things together, and a lot more.

Camping can also teach us lessons in life. It is one way of showing our children how to appreciate the beauty of nature and how to give importance to it. 

It can also teach us how to be responsible. Responsible in ways like protecting nature, preserving it, for the benefit of our children and future generations.

Camping may be a fun activity for the family, but always remember to be safe. 

Planing for camping

Bear in mind the important things which you need to consider when going on a camping trip:

  • Plan your trip properly.
  • Bring only the essentials needed on a camping trip.
  • Have a first aid kit handy.
  • Bring extra blankets and tents.
  • Make sure a life jacket is available.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition for your travel to and back from camping.
  • Bring lots of water.
  • And the most important: Bring lots of food so you will not suffer hunger.

Final thoughts 

Remember, it is easy to have fun. There are many ways to have fun. But regardless of what activity you do to have fun, make sure you spend it with your family and let then experience a memorable time, especially like what memories camping can give them.

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